Websites and portals have emerged as the front end for Public initiatives and companies to deliver a wide variety of information and services to its customers and citizens. Customers and citizens have high expectations regarding security, privacy of personal data and accuracy of information. It is therefore vital to ensure that the management of your website is carried out in a planned and professional manner, ensuring effective communication and delivery of services.

BWS has developed a Website Standard Quality Certification Scheme based upon National and International Standards/Best practices. The certification in scheme aims to help in hardening of websites from wide range of Security threats, increasing accessibility, and assuring commitment to services and ensuring compliance to the requirements of Guidelines for Bureau of Websites Standard (BWS)

The award of the mark “Website Standard Quality Certification (WSQC)" is recognition that the website complies with the requirements of BWS and the organization has adequate procedures and processes in place to provide reliable and dependable information and service through their website.

Why to Choose WSQC?

WSQC is an independent testing and certification organization of the Bureau of Websites Standard

WSQC has vast experience in operating third party certification schemes with international recognitions. WSQC offer services in a very cost effective, competent and credible manner with customer care as the focus.