Instructions for affiliate your Trust/Society/NGO/Company/Firm/School/Collage/University/Corporate Industry/Other

Please register your organisation under IICT by providing the below details:

1. Type of Organisation

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  • Trust
  • Society
  • NGO
  • Company
  • Firm
  • School
  • Collage
  • University
  • Corporate Industry
  • Other

2. Organisation Details

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3. Personal Details of Nominated Head/Director/Chairperson/Centre Head/Coordinator/ Owner:

Since you are officiated as Centre Head/Coordinator for IICT Computing Programme, please provide your complete details.

4. Nomination & Request Details

Please fill your organisation details


Please upload the declaration and endorsement, MoU letter signed by your head of organisation regarding your Apply to Affiliation of the IICT Courses. In this letter it should be clearly mentioned the name and contact details of Head/Director/Chairperson/Centre Head/Coordinator/ Owner: person nominated for this course

Click to download sample request  DECLARATION letter   Click to download sample request  ENDORSEMENT letter Click to download sample request  MoU Format

Note: After receiving your request for affiliation your organisation name under IICT Computing Courses .The competent authority at IICT will see and approve it and later your organisation name will be listed in course registration form through which participant of your organization can register for the courses.

Roles & Responsibility of Head/Director/Chairperson/Centre Head/Coordinator/ Owner:

  • Trust/Society/NGO/Company/Firm/Collage/Institute/University/Industry/Corporate/Organisation shall support its own classroom Training facility for the planned training.
  • Trust/Society/NGO/Company/Firm/Collage/Institute/University/Industry/Corporate/Organisation shall meet the financial requirements on its own for the expenditure incurred on the training at their place.
  • Identified focal point at the Trust/Society/NGO/Company/Firm/Collage/Institute/University/Industry/Corporate/Organisation shall coordinate the day to-day activity requirements of the planned training program.
  • Trust/Society/NGO/Company/Firm/Collage/Institute/University/Industry/Corporate/Organisation will be responsible for arranging the Training classroom for the scheduled training program, registering students for the training, taking attendance of the students and taking care of all needs, as and when required.
  • Trust/Society/NGO/Company/Firm/Collage/Institute/University/Industry/Corporate/Organisation is responsible for conducting the examination for all eligible participants. Later compiling and sending the result sheet of participants.
  • Trust/Society/NGO/Company/Firm/Collage/Institute/University/Industry/Corporate/Organisation Centre Head/coordinator shall collect feedback at the end of course for improvements to me made in future courses.
  • In this course, nominated Head/Director/Chairperson/Centre Head/ Owner: person of Trust/Society/NGO/Company/Firm/Collage/Institute/University/Industry/Corporate/Organisation is not allowed to participate as a registered student as per the guidelines.

Apply for New Affiliation of the Institute/College/ University /Company/Firm Industry/Corporate Trust/Society/NGO